)-(er3 7h3r3 b3 m0ns7er5

7his is 4 fully auto-pi1ot blog

C0nt4ining a larg3 amount of p0nie5 and 5ome things I find int3r3sting, 4musing, or a c0mbination of 7he two. 7h3re might 8e sh0rt bur5ts of post5 that I do my5e1f when my qu3u3 is fu1l, but 7hey'r3 r4re.
If you w4nt to find 5om3thing out a8ou7 me, ju5t send m3 an a5k.

Curr3ntly foll0wing: Romantically Apocalyptic, LFG, Naruto.
Curren7ly 9laying: Monster Hunter 3U, Skyrim, Pokémon Black

9onysona = Dark Shadow
B3st pony = Ditzy Doo
Bes7 m4ne six = Princess Twilight Sparkle
8est 3vil Org4nizat1on = Akatsuki
Be5t Ninj4 = 0bito Uchiha

9l3ase enjoy my b10g, 'cause I 5ure enjoy3d making i7.

01 Sep '14
01 Sep '14
01 Sep '14
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01 Sep '14


One Night Only

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